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Agnieszka Zoltowski of Appleseed Designs Jeweler who created the bezels and set the stones, relics, and gems in the St. Matthew Triptych.
Anastasis Studio of Iconography A studio of iconography in the Byzantine tradition devoted to the beauty and truth of the Icon.
Atelier St. Andre An interesting and exciting international gathering of iconographers centered on the work of Egon Sendler, SJ. Besides giving information on the work of the Atelier, the site contains technical info and an extremely valuable Links Section with references to iconographic work and training.
Bibliography A listing of reference books about Icons and Iconography.
Demetz Art Studio Demetz Studio in Ortisei, Italy.  They offer ecclesiastical wood carving, bronze, and marble items. They carved the corpus (body) on the St. Matthew crucifix.
The Iconographic Arts Institute In a prayerful environment, students learn -- through a carefully structured curriculum -- drawing based on sacred geometry, panel preparation, gold leaf application, egg tempera painting, and various other steps in the writing of an icon. Sessions are designed for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced students.
North Florida
Iconography Institute
A retreat/workshop taught by Kathy Sievers in Tallahassee, FL, in January and June.
Orthodoxtours.com Site of Fr. Ilya Gotlinsky who leads tours for iconographers to Russia, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia.
Queen of Angels Monastery A monastery of Benedictine women located in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. Location of the Iconographic Arts Institute.


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